The schedule for Video 101.

Course Requirements



This course is designed to be taught with VDMX on a Macintosh running 10.10.5 or later.

Many of the lessons included in this course will translate to using other similar software on other platforms as an alternative if needed.

Media Transcoding

One of the common tasks in this course will be to convert media files from one format to another. There are several free utilities available for this task that can be used for this class, such as:

The ISF Editor

A free utility for creating and editing GLSL shaders to use with VDMX and other software packages.


Free utilities to connect and test connections between software:

  • The NDI Tools are a set of test applications from NewTek for working with NDI® enabled applications. These apps can be used to publish and receive audio / video streams over a network.
  • Soundflower is a ‘virtual’ system sound device that can be used to send stereo and multi-channel audio streams between software on a Mac.
  • The Syphon Test Apps are a set of test applications for working with Syphon Enabled applications.

Video Generators

  • GifToSyphon is a free utility powered by the awesome Giphy search engine that instantly pull tagged GIFs from a huge online library and use them directly with any Syphon input enabled video application.
  • Project Milk Syphon is a free app for creating audio reactive visuals that can be used by any Syphon input enabled application, such as VDMX.



It is recommended to have a Macintosh running 10.10.5 or later to use with VDMX.

Regardless of what software is being used, it is recommended that you have whatever adapters or dongles are needed to get at least one VGA, DVI or HDMI video output from the computer being used for connecting to an external display or projector other than the screen you will use for your control interface.

MIDI or OSC Controller

While not required for this class, it is recommended that students have an external controller that can send MIDI or OSC messages.

It is best to find a controller that best suits your own needs and performance style.

Some popular options include,

Or browse from popular controller makers,

Discussion around MIDI controllers can be found on the VIDVOX forums favorite MIDI controller thread.

Video Inputs

Though not required, it is recommended to have a webcam or other method to get live video signals into your computer.

Discussion around video input devices can be found on the VIDVOX forums video capture thread.

Online Accounts

Video Sharing

It is recommended that you join a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo for publishing your work online. Other comparable services are also fine to use.

Online Discussion Group

Many pages on this site can be commented on using disqus. If you would like to participate in class discussions online, you can log on to disqus using one of several common social media accounts, or by creating an account with their service.

A section for education and discussion related to this course material can also be found on the VIDVOX forums.